Air Blower
We are the primary enterprise in the market involved in presenting a diverse variety of Air Blowers. They are made using pioneering techniques to assure their outstanding functioning in multiple applications.
Axial Flow Fan
We are the leading organization in the market for providing a tremendous range of Axial Flow Fans. They help in creating a pressure difference that help the sit to flow through the fan.
Blower Fan
We are the foremost entity in the industry for presenting a wide collection of well- designed Blower Fans. They have a tough structure and delivers an effective and excellent performance without any kind of malfunction.
Cooling Fans
To give an effective working to number of equipments, we are proposing our esteemed customers with a superlative radius of Cooling Fans. They are of supreme quality and made by accurately following the quality parameters.
Man Coolers
We have gained extreme popularity among our customers for supplying them a vast range of Industrial Man Coolers. They are made using the advanced techniques along with the support of technical staff.
Exhaust Fan
We are offering a widespread range of Exhaust Fans. They are used for eliminating excess moisture, dust, smoke and other impurities from the air in a closed place. The fans can be installed effortlessly and require less keep up.
Centrifugal Blowers
We are achieving appreciation from all our customers in the market for presenting them an outstanding orbit of Centrifugal Blowers. They are checked and then delivered to clients to assure their best usage.
Curved Impeller
We are the main entity in the industrial market for offering a spectacular spectrum of  Curved Impellers. They can be accessed in multiple specification for excellently complete the diverse requirements of clients.
Industrial Blowers
An industrial blower is a machine used to move air or gas by creating a flow of gas or air through a specific space or ductwork system. It is often used in industrial settings to control the environment, remove pollutants, or ventilate spaces. Industrial blowers can be designed for a variety of purposes, including heating, cooling, drying, dust control, and material handling. We offer this product at reasonable price.
Axial Fans
An axial fan, also known as an axial flow fan, is a type of industrial fan that moves air or gas parallel to the axis of rotation. It is designed to create a flow of air or gas in a straight line, similar to the way a propeller moves air on an airplane. Client can avail this product from us at competitive market price.
Ventilation Fan
A ventilation fan is a type of fan that is used to circulate and ventilate air in enclosed spaces. It is commonly used in residential and commercial buildings to remove stale or polluted air and replace it with fresh air from outside. The main purpose of a ventilation fan is to improve indoor air quality and reduce the level of humidity, moisture, and odors in the air. Avail this product from us at cheap price.
Inline Cabinet Fan
An inline cabinet fan is a type of fan that is designed to be installed within ductwork or inside a cabinet to provide ventilation and air circulation. It is typically used in HVAC systems for commercial and industrial applications, but can also be used in residential settings. Get this product from us at cheap price.
Bifurcated Fans
Bifurcated Fans are developed for removing or recirculating gases, fumes, etc. In addition to this, it can also remove hot air up to 300°C temperature. 
Duct Fans
Modern, sturdy and efficient Duct Fans are provided in galvanized steel design to ensure long lasting life. This comes with 220V motor to rotate at 700 to 1550 rpm speed.
Cabinet Inline Fan
Cabinet Inline Fan is designed using mild steel for generating high air flow even under low pressure rate. It comes with 2.2kW motor power in small duct based design for minimizing the power and charging rate.
Degasser Blower
Degasser Blower is widely used to produce fresh and purified air in dust prone working environment with aluminum body, efficient motor and high working speed.
Turbo Blowers
Turbo Blowers are motor-driven machines that are designed to deliver large volumes of air within spacious areas such as industrial facilities. These aerodynamically designed machines are available in various sizes and power ratings as per customer demands.
Blower Wheel
Buy from our premium range of robust and dimensionally accurate Blower Wheel parts that are manufactured by using top-quality engineering materials that provide a high strength-to-weight ratio with excellent rust resistance. Get these wheels in various customized sizes as per your requirements at a reasonable price.
Air Pollution Control Device
Our company deals in manufacturing of mechanical-type Air Pollution Control Device for large scale industrial facilities and power plants. These units are equipped with robust electric drives, making them capable to function at variable speeds.
Smoke Filtration System
R.K Engg Works Pvt Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of highly efficient Smoke Filtration System that can be used in small to large-scale industries for pollution control. Customers can get these robust machines with the assurance of fast and safe delivery.
Induced Draft Fan
Induced Draft Fan units are special types of air control machines that function by creating negative pressure to easily draw in large volumes of air or gases. The offered fans can be delivered to our customers as per orders placed by them.
Suction Blower
We are a renowned manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of industrial-grade Suction Blower machines that are commonly used in power plants and other industrial systems to efficiently draw large volumes of air into the system. Buy from us these robust and energy-efficient machines at a reasonable price.

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